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Using Blogs and Forums To Get Free Website Traffic

Blogs and forums are two most effective techniques to get free website traffic. Both have their own advantages. No matter, whether you are running an online business through your website or you are just having an informative website, it is very important for you to understand that until you run some promotional campaign for your website, no body will ever get to know even about the existence of your website in the huge pool of millions of websites on the World Wide Web.

Whatever objective you want to achieve using your website, it is possible only if your website is capable to attract some traffic. If you want people to come and visit your website, it is important for you to use the two best techniques to get free website traffic. These techniques are using blogs and introducing your website to lost of web forums.

Using Blogs

If you are an experienced Internet user, you are probably aware of the concept of blog. A blog is just like a website. The only difference is that you need to update the content of the blog on a very frequent basis, daily in fact. In order to get free website traffic for your website, one of the best ways is to launch a blog, dealing in the subject of your website.

For example, if you are running a website on Yoga, the blog must deal in various aspects associated with yoga. You can either choose to build a free blog at or you may also like to use wordpress and create your own blog, with a unique domain name. Here, you should note that in comparison to websites, the search engines detect the blogs very easily. Therefore, if you are offering quality and keyword rich content on your website, you will not have to wait much, in order to get free website traffic.

Using Forums

Web Forums are the platforms, where people come and share their views, experiences and opinions regarding a specific subject. Therefore, if you are running a website on yoga, you should visit some yoga related forums and introduce your website there.

This way, you can get free website traffic, because your comments and opinions will be accessed by the visitors of the forums. If there are thousands of visitors for that specific forum, you can easily get free website traffic for at least hundreds of them.

Solving Your Blog Traffic Troubles When Starting an Online Business

Having a blog is one of the essential features of owning an online business. If you are just starting an online business, usually you are concerned about how much money it's going to cost you to run your business. Blogging is one free way that you can advertise quickly and effectively, so you don't want to go without.

Once you have set up a free blog through Blogger or Wordpress, you are on your own to create content for your blog. Creating quality content becomes very important if you want to drive traffic to your blog.

Of course the reason you want traffic is because you want to advertise your products and services that you may offer on your website. Another reason to drive traffic to your blog when starting an online business is that you want visitors, and you want repeat visitors.

If your website visitors are exposed to your offers multiple times, chances are more likely that they will come to know, trust, and respect you. It often takes more than one visit before people will consider buying from you, but it's your quality content that will catch their attention in the first place and establish that trust and respect before they buy.

A good way to get repeat visitors is to use RSS on your blog so that visitors can subscribe to your blog and see updates as they happen. Even after that, and some good quality content, it is still often a challenge when starting an online business to get traffic to your blog.

One way to solve this problem is by signing up for blog traffic exchanges that are much like regular traffic exchanges that display your links based on a credit system. For example, you can sign up for Blog Soldiers and everyone who uses the system will get a chance to read your blog when they surf for credits.

A more effective way to build up your blog traffic when starting an online business would be to get involved with blog circles - a network of other bloggers. If you are at all familiar with the new social bookmarking trend in internet marketing, then getting involved in a blog network is very similar.

The idea in social bookmarking is to connect with others online who are also starting an online business, for example. You can publicly bookmark other's posts and everyone can access not only your posts but those you've bookmarked. By commenting on other's posts, you create a ton of new traffic to your site.

A blog network is much the same, where you read content that you are interested in under a common blog category and links are shared within the network by other bloggers. This is much like commenting on a blog and leaving your link at the end for others to access. This creates a whole new wave of traffic to your site, in addition to your other advertising efforts.

Not only can you get more traffic by joining a blog network, but if you want you can even make some money at it depending what network you join. If you do a Google search for "blog networks" you will see the different kinds you can get involved with.

Starting an online business can be intimidating, but if you use free advertising methods like blogging to build your traffic with good quality content, then you will find that other bloggers will want to link to you. Once you're in a network of blog links, you are sure to see your traffic and earnings rise!

Blog Traffic Strategies That Work

You know all about search engine optimization as a blog traffic generation strategy, but is there anything else you can do to bring readers and potential customers your way.

One of the most used blog traffic generation strategies is the PPP, or pay-per-performance method, which requires that you pay for the traffic generated only when that traffic results in some provable benefit.

The familiar PPC, or pay-per-click, form of traffic generation is a type of PPP, and with Pay-per-click you are only charged if someone viewing one of your advertisements actually clicks it.

Google AdWords is presently the greatest server of pay-per-click ads, with a system which lets advertisers bid for keywords and then use them in small ads distributed on Google's search and content networks.

Social marketing, while it does not qualify as a kind of pay-per-performance traffic generation technique, is nonetheless an effective means of generating blog traffic. You are engaging in social marketing any time you promote your service of product directly to other people social networking sites like MySpace, or do email or telemarketing.

Finally, there are literally dozens of viral traffic generation techniques; they include such things as providing the best possible service or product to your customers, doing everything you can to satisfy their needs, and letting word of mouth bring more traffic your way.

You can also practice viral traffic generation by offering free software or ebooks to but only to those individuals who have been referred to you. This approach to blog traffic generation depends on you're offer successfully creating a "buzz', although when something free is involved that is not difficult.

And by requiring a referral, nobody will get your freebie unless they first find someone else who has it. It's a great way to exponentially increase the demand for whatever you are offering!

Of course search engine optimization is a necessity, but you can never have enough blog traffic generation techniques at your disposal if you want your blog to become a real money making tool!

To Get Free Website Traffic is Easy

Free website traffic is essential to the webmasters because not involve with the money to advertise their website. In the online marketing, lots of methods can drive the traffic to the website without spending a dime. This is a good start to the new webmasters or newbie affiliate marketer to advertise their website to get immediate traffic.

The most popular to get free traffic is submitting the articles and blogging. For starting, the articles are the fastest way to bring the traffic to the website and it is free. Articles normally will be publishing to major search engine within a week and your article will be there until somebody writing the same topic and compete with you. But it was different with blog. The blog will be index and listing to the search engine if you are always updating your with new content. Here we will talk about how to write the articles and blog that please the search engine.

The search engine very love content and information. Search engine will rank high the website with content. This is where you will be getting free traffic. First we will be talking about articles. How to write articles that please the search engine?. Before writing the articles you need to do the keywords research. This is to make sure less competition for those keywords. The less competition is the better. With the keywords in hand, start drafts the articles content base on those keywords. Put your keywords in title, starting of paragraph, place once or twice for every paragraph and end of your sentence. Your keywords density must be within 2% - 10 %. To increase the effectiveness of the articles, every keyword in the articles must be bold and underline. This method will tell the search engine that you are emphasize on these keywords and tell the search engine what is your article all about. This method can give you free traffic.

We have done with the articles. Now we want to bring more free traffic using the blog. This is very simple to do because all the hardest work already done at the first method. What you need to do is just copy the articles that was write and paste to your blog and publish it. Make sure you follow all the method that was discussed. Write one article a day and publish it to articles directory and your blog.

I hope these articles will give the overview about how to write the articles that please the search engine and get to the front page of the search engine. Here I prepare one free resource to drive the traffic to your site.

Free Web Traffic - Google Blog Search To Increase Web Traffic

Sure, you can get your blog listed and exposed at Technorati, Sphere or DMOZ, to name a few. But your blog doesn't get the maximum exposure. You must get at least 21,000 people to find your blog at once for free! Here's how.

As of December 28, 2006, Google Blog Search is used by 0.0025% of US Internet users, and this number keeps rising ( It surpasses Technorati which is used by 0.0023% of US Internet users. The population of US Internet users itself is 232,057,067 as of January 11, 2007 ( Translated into number, Google Blog Search is used by 5,801 US Internet users.

While this statistic only counts US Internet usage, if we can assume that it holds true for the world Internet usage which is 861,472,625 users (, Google Blog Search is used by 21,537 Internet users! Imagine how many people can find your blog using Google Blog Search.

This is very good news for bloggers and small business market that blogs are in the rage now. Aggregators are getting more powerful and more usable, and the number of people bookmarking their favorite sites and topics via readers is growing. The growth of blog-specific search sites like Technorati and Sphere shows that people not only want to read blogs, they quite often want to look for specific topics on them. Google's introduction of a blog search engine will help triggering the other engines to offer similar features and will help boosting the growth of blog readership.

As Google puts it, "Blog Search is Google search technology focused on blogs. Google is a strong believer in the self-publishing phenomenon represented by blogging, and we hope Blog Search will help our users to explore the blogging universe more effectively, and perhaps inspire many to join the revolution themselves. Whether you're looking for Harry Potter reviews, political commentary, summer salad recipes or anything else, Blog Search enables you to find out what people are saying on any subject of your choice."

How to find Google Blog Search:,,
The Blogger Dashboard,
Or from the navigation bar on any Blogspot blog

How to get your blog listed:

If your blog publishes a site feed and automatically pings an updating service, it will be found and listed by Google Blog Search.
You can manually ping Google Blog Search at However this is a one time notification service so every time your blog changes you must submit your blog again.

So get your blog listed in Google Blog Search to get free web traffic!

How to Increase Blog Traffic Without Going Broke

Traffic generation is the topic of thousands of e-books and online courses, and nearly every blog around the world is trying to find the best way to increase blog traffic. The problem is that many of the best traffic generation methods cost a good deal of money, such as Pay per click or pay per impression ads. However, there are a number of solutions that will help you increase web traffic without going broke, solutions that you can implement even when on a tight budget:

Try using Craigslist to help you market your products in your city and your state. It will take a bit of time to post ads on all of the cities near you, but you can take advantage of the free classified ads website to increase public awareness of your blog or your website by posting on the website. It may not generate as much traffic as you might like, but you can certainly increase blog traffic significantly if your ads are interesting and relevant.

Facebook and Twitter are two of the best ways to generate more traffic for your blog or website. These two social media sites are free to use, and you can expand your network every day by adding and making new friends. You can then post a link to your blog every once in a while, or simply add your blog URL to your profile page to interest people in visiting your blog.

YouTube is a great traffic generation method that won't cost you anything more than time. All you need to do is make videos that will be interesting to people surfing YouTube, and add a link to your blog both in the video and in the comments. Once people see the video and are interested, they will see your blog link at the end and will click on it to visit your website.

Use Squidoo to create a free lense that will attract web traffic according to its relevance with the keywords being searched. Seeing as Squidoo is one of the highest ranked sites on Google search engines, you will likely be able to generate a good deal of traffic to your lense by making the content interesting. Once you have provided value in the body of the content, a link to your blog at the bottom of the page will help people to find out more about what you offer.

Use article marketing to help you generate interest in your blog via article directories and guest blogging. If you are a good writer, you will find that writing up content related to your website will be incredibly easy and a great way to attract interest. Submitting the content to guest blogs and article directories will be a great way to increase blog traffic, as these sites will receive much more traffic that you can funnel to your site via your quality content with a link posted at the bottom.

Attract Blog Traffic With Free and Simple Methods

One of the skills that you will have to learn if you want anyone to read what you have to say is how to attract blog traffic. This one skill will determine whether or not you are going to have a successful blog or promotion using a blog platform.

To start with, there are two categories of traffic. You can attract blog traffic that is organic or traffic that is "purchased." You have to decide what primary method that you want to use or if you want to use them in conjunction with one another. Ultimately, the latter strategy may be what you want to do, but if you become very good at driving organic or natural traffic to your blog you may never want to pay a dime for any traffic and organic traffic is what this article will focus on.

So, what are the differences between organic and paid traffic? When you attract blog traffic through organic methods you are looking at focusing on generating targeted visitors by writing articles and blog posts centered around well researched keywords and key phrases, typically long-tailed key phrases. Keyword research is a skill that you are going to want to master when working on organic traffic methods. You want to find key phrases that are searched for, but without too much competition.

Another thing you will want to keep in mind when to attract blog traffic by writing articles is the implementation of good SEO techniques. SEO or search engine optimization is simply a term coined by the industry that has to do with making sure your posts, articles and site are "optimized" or "designed" to receive favorable results from the search bots and search engines. This is not something you are going to learn overnight, but it is a skill that you are going to have to learn inside and out. There is on page SEO and off page SEO and a quick search on Google will reveal techniques for you to study and employ.

Article marketing may be one of the favorite methods I use to attract blog traffic and I like to post articles on respected and popular sites like and similar article directory sites. You will want to make sure that these sites are at least moderately strict in terms of submission guidelines and author requirements and you want to only submit original content written by yourself. Let's face it, if you are a want to be blogger and you are having a tough time creating unique and original content, you may want to look at doing something else for a living.

Other organic methods to attract blog traffic might include guest posting and commenting on other blogs. You will want to do this after you've been around a little while and found other bloggers in a similar, or the same, niche. You do want to ensure that you are posting on well read and respected. You may also want to post and comment on forums, post links to your articles on social media sites. Creating content for and are other methods to attract blog traffic and also give your site a boost of credibility.

These are just a few methods that you will need to learn in order to attract blog traffic that is targeted for your specific niche or program. Using the methods to attract organic traffic are not only going to help you generate a lot of site visitors, but also have a tendency to stick around for a long time. Articles can stick around for years once written and they still contain links back to your site and will still be sending visitors to your blog. In the end, you want to learn and employ all of the techniques and methods that are available to attract blog traffic and visitors so that you can establish your blog as being a credible site within your niche.


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